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The following are statements received from clients via email or surveys. Only first initials are used to protect the privacy of clients.


"Cindy Allerman is the best!  Not only did she help M pick (and get accepted) to the absolutet BEST fit (Yeay Texas!), but she “saved” the mother/daughter relationship by project managing every step of the in-depth process over the past THREE years.
I tell everyone I can that the college prep, application and transition process can be an enjoyable one with the right help - Cindy is the perfect expert to guide your college bound student into the next chapter in their life."



“A. has just bounced back to Pomona, so happy to be going back and absolutely loving her school and experience there.

Thanks for all of your efforts that have led to an extremely happy girl. She is thriving at Pomona and we get numerous texts exclaiming that she 'LOVES THAT SCHOOL.'  She is challenged but happy, working hard but finding time to play, intrigued by her professors and making lots of friends. While we miss her, we are comforted by the fact that she is exactly where she wants to be. Thanks for your work in placing her there.”



“B. got accepted to University of Houston!!! Thanks so much for helping her.  She said you made her feel so much more comfortable and less scared about college .We thought you were so helpful and I left your house feeling relieved! I wanted to help her myself but having a third person who knew the ropes is just what she needed.”



"N's essay is a million times better after working with you. I know it isn't done, but what an improvement! He was proud and actually asked to read it to us. What a change."



“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you provided us in this endeavor. Your guidance was valuable and really appreciated.” 



“….the following exciting news.  He got accepted into Baylor and Austin college and received scholarship offers from both.  From Baylor a total of approximately $20,500 per year and from Austin College $22,000 per year.  “



“Both are doing very well and loving it!  D is EXTREMELY busy (as you can imagine!) and I don't hear from him quite as much as from L, but I know he's happy and feels like he's where he is was meant to be." 




I thought that I would follow up with a “Thank You!” and an update.

 First thank you for all of your work with J. last year.  I think that it really helped him focus on the process and his career/college interest.  Overall, he is happy and we are happy with the process that he went through to make his decision.  I think that you really helped in that regard.




"Your services were invaluable in helping with essays and getting .K to apply in a timely matter so her father and I could just "support" her and not have to "whip" her to get through the process.   Your helpful hints for taking ACT and SAT testing K. also found helpful."



."So glad I found you.  You have been helping.  I really think all she needs is confidence building and someone to tell her that she is awesome.  Thanks for all you do."



"My mom and I dropped off R. today.   Beyond excited about Swarthmore....thank you for pointing her in this direction".




"Swarthmore is absolutely a great fit! I love my roommate, my old hall mates, my classmates, my professors, my teammates, and the community as a whole.

I think one of my favorite parts about the year was orientation week. Getting to know the community that Swarthmore tries to create and seeing that it was exactly fitting to the college experience that I wanted. Thank you so much for helping me find it!"



"I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me with my application.  I don’t think I could have done this without your help.  It is a very complicated process especially adding my special circumstances."



"I am excited to inform you that K. got accepted to Rice. Thank you for all your support Cindy."



"I just wanted to tell you that R. really enjoyed her session with you yesterday.  She came home very talkative and excited about the process."




"Cindy Allerman is the BEST! She taught my daughter how to prepare for the
SAT and helped her with her college essays! I would HIGHLY recommend
Cindy and it is so convenient to have her in the neighborhood. She is





Just wanted you to know N enjoyed meeting with you yesterday. The topic of college in the past was always stressful but since we started working with you that has changed! Thank you,"



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