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College Enrollment assistance High school is an opportunity for academic, social and personal growth. Find out how to make the most of it. Read more.

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College Enrollment assistance Choosing a college is one of the first major decisions a student will make. With over 4,000 colleges to consider, do you know what to look for? Consider these factors.
College Enrollment assistance The application process is your chance to showcase your strengths and demonstrate how you can contribute to a college campus. Here's how.

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With college admissions becoming more competitive and high school counselors' caseloads increasing, many families are feeling anxious and isolated about college applications.

High School Student Choosing a CollegeAt College Journey Consulting, I will work with your family and guide you every step of the way throughout this process, from making the most of the high school years to building a college list, applying for financial aid/scholarships, and filling out the applications and writing the essays. We will find the right college for you!

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Disclaimer: Given the nature of the admissions process and the selectivity of many educational institutions, we cannot guarantee admission to any institution.