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Your Journey To College Begins Today

Professional, personal & supportive educational consulting.

Do you want your high school student to say the following at their graduation?

I Discovered My Potential

I carefully considered which high school classes would challenge me, balanced with a healthy, active lifestyle. I participated in activities that allowed me to explore my interests, make an impact, and be involved in ways that helped me to develop not only as a compelling college applicant, but also as the type of person I want to be.

I Explored My College And Career Options

I have researched colleges, many that I may never have considered, that are good fits for me and are affordable for my family. I’ve explored several potential fields of study and have developed a plan for college to pursue the right career opportunities. I have chosen a college that best meets my academic goals and will allow me to grow as a person and learn about the world around me.

I Am Proud of My College Applications

My applications and essays showcased my strengths in an authentic way that allowed me to stand out among the applicant pool. With guidance from my college consultant, I was able to manage my applications in structured way so that my parents and I were able to enjoy my senior year together without the added stress of nagging to complete my applications.

College is the first major decision of a young person’s life. Together, we can help them get it right!

I strongly recommend Cindy to any family in need of support and guidance. Hiring Cindy to help manage the college application process is just one part of the value she provides. Helping you to understand the price tag and getting to know your child to find that fit for him/her – and equally important, your budget – takes time and dedication. Cindy was available to answer every question I had no matter how small. Your child may be very self-sufficient, but in a jungle of electronic information and competition for a college spot, Cindy can help you maneuver the landscape.