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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an independent educational consultant?

With today’s admission rates at an all-time low, tuition costs rising and high school counselors overworked, many parents are turning to independent educational consultants (IEC). In fact, a recent survey indicated that 26% of high-achieving seniors used an IEC to help apply to college (National Research Center for College and University Admissions).

Here’s why:

  • Choosing a college is often the first major decision in a student’s life and the second largest financial investment (after a house). Finding the right college can enrich a student’s life and impact his or her future, but often students and parents have no idea where to even start looking and can be overwhelmed by the process.
  • Choosing the wrong college can be costly in both time and money if the student needs to transfer. With nearly 30% of students transferring from one college to another, it makes sense to invest in expert guidance to increase the likelihood of a student finding the best-fit college from the beginning.
  • Busy parents and students do not have the time to read and research all of the college options (there are over 2,600 four-year colleges in the U.S.)
  • Working with an IEC reduces stress as parents and students know that they “won’t be missing something” in the application process. Students will also learn how to showcase their strengths to increase their chances of admission.
  • With tuition costs rising, an IEC can help with scholarships and knows which schools offer need and merit-based aid.
  • An IEC keeps up with admission trends by attending conferences, visiting colleges, and networking with admissions officers.

When should I start working with an independent college counselor?

Most students begin working with a consultant during their sophomore or junior year of high school. This allows us time to really research colleges based on your unique academic, social and financial needs. However, some students may consider starting earlier so that a consultant can help guide them with high school course selection, extracurricular involvement and summer activities.

Do you help with financial aid and scholarships?

Yes. I will help you understand the types of financial aid (both need-based and merit-based) available and assist you in finding colleges based on your family’s financial situation and budget. Many private colleges have large endowments and are generous with their aid, making them more affordable than some state schools.

My child doesn’t know what to major in. How can you help?

Relax! Did you know that according to one survey, over 90% of college graduates changed their major at least once? In college, students will be exposed to possibilities that may not have heard of and when they graduate, may apply to jobs that don’t exist today. We will discuss and explore possible career paths and design a plan for continued exploration in college with a focus on building employable skills and learning the value of networking.

My child is a B student. Can you help?

Absolutely! There are so many opportunities for all types of students and I work with a wide variety of students, from high-achieving superstars to average students who are motivated to go to college or pursue other post-secondary opportunities.

How do you keep current with changes in college admissions?

I tour several colleges per year and meet with college admissions officers frequently. I also follow several college blogs, social media admissions groups and am an active member in IECA. I use the knowledge gained from these sources as I work with students to find good college matches and help families navigate the applications.

So glad I found you. You have been helping so much. I really think all she needs is confidence building and someone to tell her that she is awesome. Thanks for all you do.