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Expert, personalized guidance every step of the way!

College Essentials

College admissions can be confusing and unpredictable. We will help you understand the college admissions landscape and provide you with the structure and guidance needed to make sure you are on track with all of the tasks

Guidance on SAT/ACT requirements, test prep plan and testing schedule, best time to apply

Activities & Engagement in High School

Explore ways to build depth or uniqueness in your activities. Plan for meaningful summer activities

Develop an Activity Résumé to highlight student achievements

Strategic planning of high school courses to align with interests and strengths

College List

Assist with understanding the myriad of college options and a list of key criteria

Development of a balanced college list that fits the student’s academic, social and financial criteria

Tips and resources on researching colleges, planning campus visits, and navigating college fairs.

Career & Majors Exploration

Use of aptitude, interest and personality assessments to begin exploring career options and potential majors

Using Designing Your Life principles, student will develop a plan to actively explore potential careers with informational interviews, job shadows, and experiments and be prepared to continue this exploration with college career services, networking and professional student organizations.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Understand the financial aid requirements for each college including FAFSA and/or CSS Profile

Special consideration to target colleges likely to award need-based aid or scholarships (merit-based aid) based on student’s academic profile

Assistance in applying for institutional or departmental scholarships and resources for private scholarships

Review financial aid award letters and assist with appeals

College Applications

Minimize the stress with an organized process that includes task lists, milestones, check-ins and meetings to keep the student on track to meet college deadlines while answering any questions that come up along the way.

Review of each application prior to submission for accuracy

Assistance with honors programs, institutional scholarships, interview prep, teacher recommendations, and any other relevant supporting materials to complete the application


Certified WOW Essay specialist will guide student through a 10-step process to develop an authentic essay to help stand out among applicants

Complete assistance with all supplemental essay prompts

Test Prep

Online, self-paced test prep software for either the SAT or ACT included with comprehensive packages

Transition to College

Tips for a successful college experience including understanding degree plans, career center resources, disability services, tutoring centers and more

College Planning Packages

Disclaimer: Due to the selective nature of college admissions, consultant makes no guarantees of college acceptances or financial aid awards.

Thanks for all of your efforts that have led to an extremely happy girl. She is challenged but happy, working hard but finding time to play, intrigued by her professors and making lots of friends. While we miss her, we are comforted by the fact that she is exactly where she wants to be. Thanks for your work in placing her there!